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Wes Poe

Back from vacation and trying to get motivated

I had a week off before the 4th and we took a road trip north and west to Mt. Rushmore and also to Yellowstone. I'd never been to either place my fiancee has but she hadn't been to Mount Rushmore since she was a little kid. It was nice to get out of town and it was nice to get to some cooler weather. We actually camped a night in Yellowstone, and it got down to 40 degrees we were actually cold.

Now that we've been back I feel like I need to be getting back to work on my household projects. Still working on the back patio and side walk and thinking seriously about doing concrete instead of brick pavers. After some calculating I think it might be the cheapest route to go. I wanted to do pavers, but thinking a little further ahead about up keep and maintenance it might be easier to do concrete. I'm also thinking about winter and scraping off the side walks. I haven't made up my mind but I'm leaning that way. I'll be getting busy again soon and will have more to report. It's great to be back from vacation and to be recharged. (WP)

07/14/2010 8:43AM
Back from vacation and trying to get motivated
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