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The Transformation is Complete!

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Ultimate Makeover #2

Ultimate Makeover
                How do you get to be a part of an Ultimate Makeover? Make yourself look like a mountain man…it has been 17,193,600 seconds or 286,560 minutes or 4776 hours or 28 weeks or 199 days since I last cut my hair or mustache...(trimmed my beard twice) tomorrow it all comes off or most of it will. I am not gonna lie, I have become partial to the longer hair, but I don’t think the lilies of the valley like it. Ladies? So, tomorrow I am off to Salon Oasis and Day Spa to lose six months of growth…
The weight is continuing to fall off. Right now I am down 20 lbs from the beginning of this. Thanks to Bobby at Total Body Fitness for the diet plan and the fellas at Complete Nutrition. If you read the first blog you would know that I have had a minor speed bump in this makeover because I have had surgery on my left hand and I still have a pin in my thumb. So basically, following the supplement schedule and meal plan have been the biggest factor so far. 20 lbs and over 10 ½ inches off my by body…this is the best I have felt and the best the “beast” of a belly has looked in over 5 years.
On Wednesday May 23rd I will have the cast and pin removed from my hand and then it is back to the butt kicking Title Boxing Club for the Power Hour! You can burn up to 1000 calories an hour. I have had a few friends join since I have started talking about it, and they love it. I know when I get back to boxing and the power hour I know it will take a bit to get up to speed but the staff there is awesome and will help you in the right way. 
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Complete Makeover Blog One

As y’all have heard I, Just have started the “Complete Makeover”. First, let me give you a little background on how this all came about….
In November I am sitting around with my roommate and we were talking about how we should set a date and extend the “no shave or cutting of the hair” part of November. So, we decided on doing the first day of spring, March 20th. So needless to say the last day I shaved my face or cut my hair October 30th.
After letting the hair and beard grow, curl, cover me ears, reach my shoulders, and cover my mouth the girls at work continued to ask when I was gonna shave or cut my hair. I told them the story about no shave, blah, blah, blah, and on the first day of spring I could shave and trim. Plus, in the past 10 years I have swelled and needless to say I have a spare tire around my waist, a 44 extra wide…and a few chins I could spare. The girls here at the office asked if they could give me a makeover and that was the beginning of the “Ultimate Makeover” featuring Salon Oasis & Day Spa, Complete Nutrition (in conjunction with the nutritionist Bobby Smith at Total Body Fitness), and Title Boxing Club.
So the idea had been born and the “Complete Makeover” was underway.
First I met with the guys at Complete Nutrition and we came up with a supplement program that was specific for me. I have to admit I am not big on taking pills, but they have made it easy for me. Everything is easy to follow and the pills aren’t bad at all. When I started taking the supplements I noticed a change right away. I no longer drink caffeine, where I used to have about 3-4 cups of coffee in the morning, and now I have more energy that I can remember. I am not falling asleep at my desk anymore and the energy I have lasts longer. AND, I am not jittery like I drank a bunch of energy drinks…BONUS! The supplements are working great and I like the energy I have found.
Second, hair and beard…Abigail and I went and met with the team at Salon Oasis and discussed what in the world are we gonna do with me. Well, needless to say I look like Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams) if you haven’t seen me so, now you have the image. Now the date is set, 5/16, for when I go get my hair cut, and beard trimmed off? That is where you, the listener, come in. Go to 1065thewolf.com and vote on what you think I should look like.
Third, Title Boxing Club…holy cow do they bust you butt…The power hour puts me to shame. But they let you work at your own pace and don’t get in your face. There are some people there that can do everything that is going on; there are those like myself that it takes a few times to even get close to all that is happening. 1000 is what you can burn in a SINGLE hour with these classes.  And even if you don’t do a class they have weights there and you can get a personal trainer when you are there.
The biggest problem… I have had a preexisting injury, thumb, prior to starting this makeover. Now you may be wondering how much pain can one be in because of a thumb, A LOT. It is called Game Keeper’s Thumb, look it up. It has slowed me down a bit because I had surgery on April 17th to reconstruct the join and I still have a pin in my hand until May 24th. BUT, just following the supplement plan via Complete Nutrition and the diet from Bobby Smith at Total Body fitness I have lost a total of 10 ½ inches off my body, 5lbs, and 2% body fat in the past month. I feel better, even though I have a giant red cast on and a pin in my hand, I have more energy, and I am about to have my hair and beard taken off in a couple weeks.
Just because I had surgery, I haven’t slowed down. I am ready to turn heads in the right direction and everyone I have mentioned is a major contributor. This is just the beginning of a life change for me. I’m 31, overweight, underdressed, force to be reckoned with. This is the beginning of my blogs, check back next week for more news about the changes, pics, and more!
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My ULTIMATE Makeover

Apparently I am in need of a makeover.  We aren’t just talking new clothes….I need the whole nine yards!  New clothing, hair and a new healthy weight loss and nutrition and fitness plan. 
The ULTIMATE MAKEOVER has begun.  Thanks to Complete Nutrition, I started a new healthy lifestyle plan and have already started losing weight and inches.  Title Boxing Club gives me the opportunity to “hit it hard” and burn up to 1,000 calories per class.  The transformation will be complete May 14th, when I will visit Salon Oasis and Day Spa for a haircut, beard trim and much more!

CLICK HERE to vote on my new look!
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