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I70 Morning Drive

As I drive into work every morning around 4:10AM, I begin to wonder what other people are doing on the highway that early. I notice that if I leave at 4:20AM the traffic is slightly heavier. I travel the well-known I70 westbound through downtown to make my way over to I35. As I sip my coffee in complete silence (most mornings...no radio unless I really need to wake up) I began to wonder if these are just people traveling through our beautiful city. One morning though, I passed a car with a license plate that read PUNTER and had the MU type vibe around it. I passed the car and looked in the window to see the driver, which took me by surprise. I found an elderly man that could have been in his late 70's behind the wheel. Now, what would he be doing at 4 something in the morning??? Maybe passing through to visit a relative? Who knows! I didn't think much about it until the next morning when I passed the same car and driver around the same time as the previous morning. Now I'm thinking....this poor guy can't even retire! He must work early hours like me. I will never know but it makes me want to meet this guy and find out his story. Would you believe that about a month went by and I never saw him again until one afternoon. Instead of heading westbound on I70, I was heading home late that day (probably around 5:30) and saw that guy heading in the same direction as me on I70 eastbound. All I can say is that he must be a really hard worker and he gave me inspiration without ever knowing it!

08/23/2012 12:15PM
I70 Morning Drive
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