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I hope everybody had a great weekend! I thought I was going to have a relaxing weekend at home with the kiddos, but that usually never happens. Saturday was pretty quiet though even with all of the laundry I had to fold and put away. I even got to watch a classic Tom Hanks movie, "Big". I know....guilty pleasure! Well the quiet didn't last long when my husband brought home a dirt bike for my 3 year-old son. It came with training wheels and one gear that we could turn way down so that he couldn't speed too much. My husband had so much fun teaching him to ride and I just sat back trying to calm my nerves. I can see this is going to be my future...worrying, praying, and hoping he doesn't do anything crazy! I am not looking forward to the day he turns 16!!!
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Chiefs Football Time
So I need a little help here. I love going to the Chiefs game, but my husband's idea of tailgating and mine are a little different. When I was a kid going with my parents, we had a big group of people that would drink, grill, and play some flag football. This seemed to be what most of the tailgators were doing. Bottom line is: it was fun. These days aren't quite the same for me though. The last time I went to a game was about 3 years ago and I went with my husband and in-laws. They parked and walked into the stadium. Totally skipped the tailgating! How do I convince them that tailgating is fun?? They aren't into drinking but who doesn't like a fresh and hot brat or dog on the grill right? I guess the simple solution would be to get a  group of friends together and go have some fun Kansas City style! Anyway, Happy Red Friday and Go Chiefs!!
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I70 Morning Drive
As I drive into work every morning around 4:10AM, I begin to wonder what other people are doing on the highway that early. I notice that if I leave at 4:20AM the traffic is slightly heavier. I travel the well-known I70 westbound through downtown to make my way over to I35. As I sip my coffee in complete silence (most radio unless I really need to wake up) I began to wonder if these are just people traveling through our beautiful city. One morning though, I passed a car with a license plate that read PUNTER and had the MU type vibe around it. I passed the car and looked in the window to see the driver, which took me by surprise. I found an elderly man that could have been in his late 70's behind the wheel. Now, what would he be doing at 4 something in the morning??? Maybe passing through to visit a relative? Who knows! I didn't think much about it until the next morning when I passed the same car and driver around the same time as the previous morning. Now I'm thinking....this poor guy can't even retire! He must work early hours like me. I will never know but it makes me want to meet this guy and find out his story. Would you believe that about a month went by and I never saw him again until one afternoon. Instead of heading westbound on I70, I was heading home late that day (probably around 5:30) and saw that guy heading in the same direction as me on I70 eastbound. All I can say is that he must be a really hard worker and he gave me inspiration without ever knowing it!
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The Gloriana Interview
Gloriana fans!! Tom, Mike and Rachel joined us to talk about their LONG awaited new
CD, "A Thousand Miles Left Behind".....and guys, Rachel is single again!
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