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I usually try to keep my health issues out of the public eye but I think this might be worth the exception. I was feeling a little dizzy at times and short of breathe so I went to the doctor to get some blood work done. I started noticing a strange feeling in my chest...like my heart was doing flips and then trying to catch back up to its normal rhythm. I figured that I had better get a few more tests done that included an EKG. The cardiologist discovered that I did indeed have a small issue but nothing that was life-threatening. Actually, I don't really understand all of the terminology he used but the plastic heart prop was enough to make me understand. In short, I have a flap that usually closes naturally from infancy into childhood but somehow mine had not followed the course of nature. Basically, I can sometimes get a bit of backflow of blood through the opened flap which causes that funny feeling. I don't have to have that fixed or watched and I really have no need to worry about my condition. However, this scared me enough to think that taking care of my heart is a priority from here on out. I decided to join the Go Red For Women campaign and learn more about keeping my heart in the best possible shape. I visited www.goredforwomen.org for info on how to prevent heart disease, heart healthy recipes, and stories from other women. I would encourage all people to visit this site and learn how to take care of one of your most vital organs!

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04/10/2013 9:19AM
Go Red For Women
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08/23/2013 7:41AM
Same condition
That's crazy! I was diagnosed with this back in 2009 as well and it scared me to death. They told me to just be careful of my caffeine intake so I don't do redbulls or any other energy drink except for coffee. I was very glad to find out thatit's not something I have to have fixed. Thank you for posting!
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