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Roger & Laurie Interview Rodney Atkins


Roger and Laurie talk to Rodney Atkins right after he gets pulled over by the Tennessee Highway Patrol!!
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Roger & Laurie Interview Brantley Gilbert

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Roger interviews Brad Paisley

BRAD PAISLEY joins me to talk about "Remind Me" ...the new #1 Country singlein the USA this week!!
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Mark Wills Interview


Mr. "1970-Something" Mark Wills talks to Roger and Laurie about his very special song "Crazy Being Home" a tribute to our military folks. Mark is also the official spokesperson for USA Cares....this is a MUST LISTEN TO interview if you appreciate our brave Military...
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Roger & Laurie Interview Luke Bryan

Luke Byran joins Roger and Laurie to take about "Country Girl" and his new CD!!

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Lady Antebellum!

"Lady Antebellum" joined Roger and Laurie on the Morning Show to talk about their new CD out

in September, and why Hillary was saved by Deep Woods "OFF"!

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Roger & Laurie interview Ashton Shepherd

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Jake Owen

Roger & Laurie interview Jake Owen!

Jake Owen Interview 6-21-11
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Alan Jackson

Roger and Laurie chat with Alan Jackson about his new music, summertime fun and more!

Alan Jackson WEB MIX Interview Roger&Laurie
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Jerrod Neimann Interview - 6.21.11

Roger and Laurie are joined by Jerrod Niemann to talk about Country Stampede

Jerrod Niemann Interview 6.21.11
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Roger Interviews Jerrod Niemann

Listen to my interview with Jerrod Niemann who BTW is playing "Country Stampede"

Listen to my interview with Jerrod Niemann who BTW is playing "Country Stampede
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Roger Interviews Ronnie Dunn

Roger Interviews Ronnie Dunn
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Roger Interviews Keith Urban

Roger Carson Interviews Keith Urban!
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Roger's Videos from Tim McGraw Concert, 5.20.11

Kim Perry and her brothers....the next BIG thing!

Look who gets a "fist bump" from Tim McGraw!

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Roger Interviews Steve Holy

Listen to Roger's interview with STEVE HOLY...
Steve rocks "Cheeseburger In Paradise" this Tuesday at The Legends with 106.5 The Wolf!!


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Roger Visits Wayside Waifs

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Roger's Sister Sharon Retires from The Pentagon

Here are some highlights of my sister Sharon's retirement from the Pentagon this past January, after 42 years of service. Secretary Of Defense, William Gates gave a stirring speech on her behalf. What an honor to be invited, and needless to say, I couldn't be more proud!! Sharon has served through eight Presidential Administrations.

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Local Artist Sarah McMullen

I am so proud of Kansas City's own talent, Sarah McMullen!! She's about to release her 2nd CD and it's a big deal!! Join us this Saturday at Barnes and Noble, Oak Park Mall as we roll out the Red Carpet for Sarah at her CD release party...6:30pm...she'll sign copies and perform a few new songs from the CD... she is super talented and still just a Sophomore at Blue valley North!!

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Roger at "Challenge Your Fashion" event

Had a great time Saturday night at the "Challenge Your Fashion" event at the KC Convention Center. Thanks to all the Royals players that walked the runway. Mark Teahen and Luke Hochevar were the co-chairs.

David DeJesus, Roger's wife Kelly, and Roger

Roger's wife Kelly, Luke Hochevar and Roger

Mark Teahen and Roger

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Roger interviews Rick Springfield

Roger talks to rocker Rick Springfield.

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Roger is Zorro for a Night!

From Roger's Halloween costume contest this past weekend, the "Alice InWonderland" gang won...I'm Zorro! Thanks to Brian and his great friends in OP!
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Oh No, not VACATION pictures!?

The Great Northwest: Portland, Oregon. The Pacific Ocean to the west, the Columbia River Gorge to the east. Photo highlights include a 1600 Surgeon named "Henry", a 300 ft. waterfall, 500 ft. cliffs plunging to the Pacific Ocean, 12,000 ft. Mount Hood, Lighthouses, Dungeness Crab, Chinook Salmon, Honey Crisp Apples and Wine Country! (though certainly not in that order)

Click Here to view all the photos!

Day 2 out of 4:

My wife, Kelly and I are just 10 miles beyond the Columbia River Gorge. It's a big blue sky over vineyards and fruit farms stretching out ahead of us. This climate/soil is about to give birth to the next big craze for wine lovers. We do a tasting or 2 along the way. The air is sheer freshness, spiced with the scent of deep woods pine. We spot a sign that reads, "Draper Girls Produce"....probably no relation to Mad Men's, Don Draper, but we stop anyway to purchase the tastiest peaches and Honey Crisp Apples on the planet, not to mention a jar of Marionberry jam.

Back on the road, we're sippin' icy cold pear juice, heading to snow capped Mount Hood rising above a layer of white clouds and distant forest. Foot on the throttle, jammin' full volume to the Doobie Brothers song, "Ukiah" from their album, "The Captain and Me".....if you know the words, you know how perfect it is!

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Roger interviews 2 of the Fab Four!

Steve is John and Ralph is Ringo as "RAIN" The Tribute To The Beatles is live on stage this week at Starlight Theatre...

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Roger's Lip-Sync Show

Another flashback to Roger's Lip-Sync Show at Houlihan's and Graffiti's - all the way back to 1987!

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What A Ride

I just rode with the Missouri Army National Guard in a Blackhawk UH-60 Helicopter!
Just like the one Saddam Hussein rode in after his capture. We had a 30 minute flight
over the stadiums, downtown, and the Missouri River, then back to the Armory.
Every military personal on the flight has served duty time in Iraq, and are beyond
PROUD to have done so....thanks guys, you certainly have my respect!!
I asked Sergent Thompson if I could sign up, but I'm apparently WAY past the age limit!

If you'd like to inquire, contact Jennifer Archdekin

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Gordon Lightfoot

A songwriting legend plays the Uptown

Roger warms up the crowd for Gordon

Gordon and Roger after the show

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Roger is living proof... Prozac WORKS!

Remember Sunday night's at Houlihan's in OP, circa 1987??

I hosted the Lip-Sync Show every Sunday night and opened each show with one, like Men At Work's "Who Can It Be Now"

Comments and "roasting" is welcomed!

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Gordon Lightfoot

Lightfoot this Saturday night at the Uptown & you could be there with me!
We'll go backstage for a meet & greet!
Just tell me why you're Gordon's BIGGEST FAN! Something short & to the point, I'll draw the winner(s) tomorrow by 4pm...

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Roger interviews Coach Dick Vermeil

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Roger interviews Belle and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

Roger interviews Belle and Gastron from Beauty and the Beast
(on stage now at Starlight Theater)

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Was Paul McCartney Great at Sprint Center? YES SIR!!!

It took me 52 years, but I can now say I've been in the presence of a Beatle, though it was a football field away at Sprint Center, Saturday night, July 24th! My wife, Kelly managed to snap a few photos off the Vision-trons on both sides of the stage, as priceless archive photos of early Beatles in Liverpool scrolled before the show.  Arguably, Paul McCartney is the most influential ROCK GOD on the planet....and he lived up to his billing on this "Up And Coming Tour". He opened with "Venus And Mars", then slammed into "Jet" which was sonically amazing, power and precision!
Paul proceeded in taking us on his musical journey from the Cavern in Liverpool, through hand selected Beatles classics, his Wings material and his current solo stuff (not necessarily in that order)  He stopped off to dedicate "My Love" to his late wife, Linda which was very emotional, he sang his tribute song to his writing partner, John Lennon and shared a picture gallery of George Harrison, topped off with Paul singing George's song, "Something".  The pyrotechnics of "Live And Let Die" rivaled any Kiss concert, and then he "Please Pleased" the Paul-fanatics with his signature compositions, "Yesterday" "Hey Jude" "Let It Be" and "Blackbird". Words can hardly express what an honor it was to have Sir Paul McCartney in Kansas City, sharing his material that has influenced three generations, and has inspired a thousand bands!!
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Kayaking With D.C. Insider

Over the July 4th weekend, I had a great outdoor adventure kayaking with Mr. Mike Sheehy from Washington D.C. We discovered the elusive Middle Creek River that feeds the Lake of the same name in Miami County, Kansas. We paddled more than a mile and a half to find it...in the rain!! Worth every minute and can't wait to return, I'm sure a big lunker black bass is waiting for me and myHula-Popper!!
About Mike, he's the former top advisor to the U.S. Speaker Of The House, and is listed as a "Top 25 Persons To Know" in the Beltway. Mike is also family, since he's my sister Sharon's significant other for a number of years. You may have heard Sharon right here on the Midday Show providing insight regarding the 9-11 attack on America. Sharon works at the Pentagon for our Sec. Of Defense. They love to travel the world, so it was nice to have them spending time in Stilwell, Kansas!!

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Roger at Jasper's Restaurante

Jasper shows Roger how to make fresh "old world" mozzarella!!

Take notes....and enjoy it at Jasper's Restaurante/103rd and State Line

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Roger at the "Celebration Of Life Rally"

It was a gorgeous day on the plaza Sunday, June 6th at the Celebration Of Life Rally with the Kansas City Cancer Center....CONGRATS all cancer survivors!

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Girls Night Out with Tanna, Roger & George

It was "Girls Night Out" at The K Friday, May 14th and the REMATCH of the Hotdog Races!!
Tanna was in top shape but claims she lost a shoe halfway down the track. Do you see a shoe fly
off any where?  Last time she won by a NOSE, so here we go.....another rematch is coming soon!!

After 25 thousand Royals fans helped me sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" the boys in blue caught fire and gave Ned Yost a debut  win!!

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Eddie Money & Roger

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Forks and Corks

"Forks and Corks"

at Bartle's Convention Center 4/29/10

Again, it was a fabulous evening of Kansas City's finest wines and restaurants, all a benefit for Harvesters.

Yes, that's Channel 9's Bryan Busby looking VERY fit and trim!! Can't wait until NEXT year's event!

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Lily Jane Collins

Yes, she's Phil Collins daughter, Lily Jane Collins, who plays "Collins" in the Blind Side. You may have seen her on Nickelodeon, Glamour magazine, 90210 etc. She's the inspiration for Dad's song, "You'll Be In My Heart"

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FUN!! at the party with Roger!

FUN at the party with Roger!!

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The Lower the Latitude!

The lower the Latitude, the better the Attitude!!

I just spent a week in the U.S. Virgin Islands, thumbs way up if you're planning a vacation in St. John, St. Thomas or the British Virgin Island of Tortola.

The first photo is enjoying a "PainKiller" with Pusser's Rum in Tortola. Second is a Caribbean Lobster giving it's life for me.

Third, the view from our Caribbean Villla, Fourth, one of the dozens of Iguanas feeding in the trees all around the Villa.

The last shot is your's truly watching the sunset on another perfect St. John day.

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Kit Carson Heads West

It's the "Prairie Dog Blog". Yes, those little "funnies" are Prairie Dogs coming right up to my wife,

Kelly and I feeding them peanuts (heath food!) Hundreds of them live in the Badlands of South Dakota. TOO CUTE!
Believe me, the mystical, magical Black hills are so worth the 12 hour drive there. First stop, Wall Drug, you can't miss their 150 road signs to lead you there. Then, Mt. Rushmore, see it at night for the lighting ceremony. It is truly an amazing story of American art.
The topper, Deadwood "Gulch". The Gem Saloon may be gone to history, but the legend lives on.......If you were a fan of the HBO special, it's a must-see!
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Roger at the Price Chopper 400 Race

Sunday, Oct. 4th, my first experience at the Kansas Speedway, 100,000 strong for the Price Chopper

400...glad I brought my Bose noise cancelers, IT"S LOUD!!!!

Kelly and I were guests of Time Warner Cable and enjoyed a tour throught the tunnel (under the speedway)

out into the race pit, where the pit crew take things very seriously!

The classic rock band, Kansas were sounding great on stage with "Carry On My Wayward Son", then it was

race time! You MUST take in NASCAR, it's just impossible to explain the roar of 42 cars burning rocket

fuel at the green flag. The smell, the extreme sound, the pride of American machinery, and then the

Steath's do their fly-over....AMAZING!! Watch out Arrowhead, there's a new game in town (even though the

speedway has been racin' for 10 years now)

And what about the Racing stars?? Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, Dale Jr, Kyle Bush (all, household names) and

the winner to take that golden trophy?

Congrats to Tony Stewart, now a 2 time Sprint Cup winner at the Kansas Speedway, what a Sunday!

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Christmas In July

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Girls Night Out at the K

hollyHolly Star from 38 The Spot stops by the KUDL tent to meet Roger Carson!
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Roger's Art Gallery

artgalleryClick here to see the rest of Roger's art
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HAPPY MOM'S DAY!! from the Midday show!

HAPPY MOM'S DAY!! from the Midday show!

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