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Kit Carson Heads West

It's the "Prairie Dog Blog". Yes, those little "funnies" are Prairie Dogs coming right up to my wife,

Kelly and I feeding them peanuts (heath food!) Hundreds of them live in the Badlands of South Dakota. TOO CUTE!
Believe me, the mystical, magical Black hills are so worth the 12 hour drive there. First stop, Wall Drug, you can't miss their 150 road signs to lead you there. Then, Mt. Rushmore, see it at night for the lighting ceremony. It is truly an amazing story of American art.
The topper, Deadwood "Gulch". The Gem Saloon may be gone to history, but the legend lives on.......If you were a fan of the HBO special, it's a must-see!

11/30/2009 10:48AM
Kit Carson Heads West
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09/09/2009 7:31AM
Lumpy "FATS" Farley
Were the squirrel looking creatures "prairie dogs"?...and i had no idea Cowboys could be so skinny!!! Nice video Mr Carson-thanks for sharing.
09/23/2009 7:28PM
Kit Carson, it's nice to meet you!! Great video! How about a shot and a beer and maybe some poker!!
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