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My alarm clock plays random songs from my music collection each morning to wake me up. I never know what's going to play. Sometimes it's some techno tune, sometimes it's a classic rock tune, sometimes a country song. This morning it was Clint Black's "State Of Mind".

I love laying in bed after the alarm goes off and just pondering what I remember of my dreams, thinking about what happened the day before, and looking forward to what will come today. It's a great time to think because my brain is rested and not bogged down by a whole day's events and other people's negativity.

Today, I started thinking about how, for every transformative event and era in my life, there are songs that bring me back to that spot. I can remember what I was doing, driving, the people who were in my life, smells, even what I was thinking at the time. This brought me to another thought. I'm not alone. I am not the only one who feels this way. Clint even wrote a huge hit to this effect! I started thinking about all of the people who are going through their own transformative period right now, and how the songs they hear on the radio now, are forever going to remind them of this time in their lives.

I play the songs on the radio each day that will forever remind people of where they were right now. Thank you for letting me be such a permanant part of your history. It truly is humbling.


08/28/2009 10:54AM
State Of Mind
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