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Stoney LaRue - Aviator

By my own admission, I am such a novice when it comes to Texas, dirt and outlaw country music. However, in my own defense, I am not as knowledgeable as my friend, colleague and Kansas City Limits host, Justin Neighbor, is with this genre of music. He has never led me astray and I am ALWAYS hooked when he hands me a new record and says simply listen. And listen I did; a lot. Easy. That is the word I keep coming back to when listening to “Aviator,” the new record by the legendary Stoney LaRue. Just easy. So easy…and I mean that in the most respectful way; nothing is easy when creating art but this record just feels and plays so easily on the ear and the mind. These are easy melodies, easy harmonies, easy pictures. Mr. LaRue makes it so effortless with this record; the music, lyrics, style and presentation flow easily together from start to finish. The through line never wavers from the consistent, smooth and easy road it leads you down. It is a record to listen to over and over without much effort but for simple musical pleasure. However, be warned; you will fall easily into the grips of the music, its stories and the pictures these songs paint. You will lose yourself, subconsciously, keeping time with the beat in your own favorite way; toe tapping; steering wheel thumping; air drumming; head-bobbing. “Aviator” is simply an easy, infectious, “journeyfyul” (I’m an extravert and allowed to make up words) and beautiful composition from top to bottom. A thousand thank you’s, Justin, for keeping this music in my head. I have slowly but surely become a convert. It is pure; honest; real and so very, very good! These artists love to play music just for the sake of paying music…and there is no better reason to do your art than because you love to do it. Do yourself a favor and start your own conversion along with me. Listen to 106.5 The Wolf (1065thewolf.com) every Sunday night from 8pm-11pm for Justin Neighbor, Kansas City Limits and artists like Stoney LaRue!
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The Cody Canada Interview

Cody Canada chats with Justin.
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KC Limits show on 5.13.12

Hour 1
  1. Jason Boland & The Stragglers-“When I’m Stoned”
  2. Cross Canadian Ragweed-“Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line”
  3. Waylon Jennings-“Bob Wills Is Still The King”
  4. Turnpike Troubadours-“Long Hot Summer Day”
  5. The Damn Quails-“Midnight Swagger”
  6. Stevie Ray Vaughn-“Tight Rope”
  7. Charlie Robison-“Feelin’ Good”
  8. Josh Abbott-“The Walking Out/If You’re Leaving I’m Leaving Too”
  9. Merle Haggard-“Nightime Honky Tonk Man”
  10. Ryan Bingham-“Ghost Of Traveling Jones”
  11. Micky & The Motorcars-“Carolina Morning”
  12. The Rankin Twins-“Rain”
  13. Sean McConnell-“Saint’s Heart In A Sinner’s Skin”
  14. Radney Foster-“Texas 1880”
Hour 2
  1. The Great Divide-“Yesterday Road”
  2. No Justice-“The Toast”
  3. Bleu Edmondson-“Last Last Time”
  4. Willie & Waylon-“Nowhere Road”
  5. Robert Earl Keen-“I’m Comin’ Home”
  6. Roger Creager-“I Would Change My Life”
  7. Wade Bowen-“Linville Train”
  8. Cory Morrow-“Big City Stripper”
  9. Jason Boland-”Dixieland Delight”
  10. Stoney LaRue-“Train To Birmingham”
  11. Jason Eady-“Judgment Day”
  12. Travis Linville-“Nightlife”
Hour 3
  1. Waylon Jennings-“Lonesome, Onry, & Mean”
  2. Aaron Watson-“Reckless”
  3. Kevin Fowler-“That Girl”
  4. Deryl Dodd-“Things Are Fixin To Get Real Good”
  5. Joe Ely-“Me & Billy The Kid”
  6. Kyle Park-“Baby I’m Gone”
  7. Brandon Rhyder-“Man Of Conviction”
  8. Phil Hamilton-“Bad”
  9. Reckless Kelly-“Set Me Free”
  10. Willie Nelson-“Horse Called Music”
  11. Jason Boland-“Boys From Oklahoma”
  12. Robert Earl Keen Jr-“The Road Goes On Forever”
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Josh Abbott


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previous playlists


Hour 1

  1. Cory Morrow-“Beat Of Your Heart”

  2. Cross Canadian Ragweed-“Constantly”

  3. Wade Bowen-"Saturday Night"

  4. Johnny Cooper-“Let It All Go”

  5. Willie & Waylon-“Nowhere Road”

  6. Ryan Bingham-“The Weary Kind”

  7. Wade Bowen-“Please Come To Boston”

  8. Micky & The Motorcars-“Rock Springs To Cheyenne”

  9. The Band-“The Weight”

  10. Robert Earl Keen-“I’m Coming Home”

  11. Randy Rogers-“Tonight’s Not The Night”

  12. Reckless Kelly-“Snowfall”

  13. Micky & The Motorcars-“Never Been Out West”

Hour 2

  1. No Justice-“Only You/With Or Without You”

  2. Phil Hamilton-“Before I Broke Your Heart”

  3. Shooter Jennings-“Gone To Carolina”

  4. Johnny Cash-“I’ve Been Everywhere”

  5. Jason Boland-“Boys From Oklahoma”

  6. Jason Boland-“East Bound & Down”

  7. Ryan Manuel-“Cry Lonely”

  8. Travis Linville-“Ain’t Being Treated Right”

  9. Josh Abbott-“The Walking Out/If You’re Leaving, I’m Leaving Too”

  10. Turnpike Troubadours-“Funeral”

  11. Devin Leigh-“Blackwater”

  12. Stevie Ray Vaughn-“Tight Rope”

Hour 3

  1. The Departed-“True Love Never Dies”

  2. Jesse Harris & The Gypsy Sparrows-“Hannah”

  3. Jason Eady-“Cry Pretty”

  4. Waylon Jennings-“Good Ol’ Boys”

  5. Willie Nelson-“Me & Bobby McGee”

  6. Reckless Kelly-“Weather Beaten Soul”

  7. Reckless Kelly-“New Moon Over Nashville”

  8. Merle Haggard-“Okie From Muskogee”

  9. Josh Abbott-“Taste”

  10. Stoney LaRue-“Love You For Loving Me”

  11. Pat Green-“If I A Million”

  12. Robert Earl Keen-“The Road Goes On Forever”

Show of 10/2

  1. Cory Morrow-“Big City Stripper”

  2. Wade Bowen-“Walkin’ Shoes”

  3. Micky & The Motorcars-“Stay With Me”

  4. Eli Young-“Bottom Line”

  5. Willie & Waylon-“Good Hearted Woman”

  6. Turnpike Troubadours-“Whole Dman Town”

  7. Ryan Bingham-“South Side Of Heaven”

  8. No Justice-“Way Down”

  9. Old Crow Medecine Show-“Wagon Wheel”

  10. Shooter Jennings-“Walk Of Life”

  11. Randy Rogers-“I Met Lonely Tonight”

  12. Robert Earl Keen-“I Gotta Go”

  13. Tompall Glazier-“T For Texas”

Hour 2

  1. Steve Earle-“Hardcore Troubadour”

  2. Sean McConnell-“Saint’s Heart & A Sinner’s Skin”

  3. Aaron Watson-“Reckless”

  4. Johnny Cash-“Get Rhythm”

  5. Jason Boland-“Truckstop Diaries”

  6. Cody Canada-“Alabama”

  7. Stoney LaRue-“Texas Moon”

  8. Stoney LaRue-“Empty Glass”

  9. Brandon Jenkins-“Anymore”

  10. Cody Johnson-“Another Try”

  11. Lost Immigrants-“Judgment Day”

  12. Kyle Park-“All Night”

  13. Waylon Jennings-“Black Rose”

Hour 3

  1. Roger Creager-“Everclear”

  2. The Great Divide-“College Days”

  3. Charlie Robison-“Bar Light”

  4. Willie Nelson-“Bloody Mary Morning”

  5. Jesse Harris & The Gypsy Sparrows-“June”

  6. Matt Powell-“Dragonfly”

  7. 80 Proof-“Maybe”

  8. Reckless Kelly-“Walk Out Now”

  9. Merle Haggard-“Honky Tonk Nighttime Man”

  10. Pat Green-“Whisky”

  11. Johnny Cooper-“Hot Mess”

  12. Brandon Jenkins-“Till Morning Comes”

  13. Josh Abbott-“Oh Tonight”

  14. Robert Earl Keen-“The Road Goes On Forever”


Hour 1

  1. The Departed-“Skyline Radio”

  2. Band Of Heathens-“L.A. County Blues”

  3. Turnpike Troubadours-“Kansas City Southern”

  4. Stevie Ray Vaughn-“Life By The Drop”

  5. Ryan Bingham-“Bread & Water”

  6. Micky & The Motorcars-“Million Miles”

  7. Lost Immigrants-“Weather Of You”

  8. Willie & Waylon-“Nowhere Road”

  9. Roger Creager-“L.A. Freeway”

  10. Bleu Edmondson-“Little Bit Crazy”

  11. Brandon Rhyder-“This Ain’t It”

  12. Johnny Cash-“There Ain’t No Grave”

Hour 2

  1. Josh Abbott-“Taste”

  2. Randy Rogers-“Too Late For Goodbye”

  3. Phil Hamilton-“Before I Broke Your Heart”

  4. Merle Haggard-“Momma Tried”

  5. Johnny Cash-“Won’t Back Down”

  6. Stoney LaRue-“Box #10”

  7. Jason Boland-“Pearl Snaps”

  8. Jason Boland-“Dixieland Delight”

  9. Kevin Fowler-“Fat Bottom Girls”

  10. Jackson Taylor & The Sinners-“Barefeet On The Dash”

  11. Reckless Kelly-“Love In Her Eyes”

  12. Merle Haggard-“Rainbow Spoon”

Hour 3

  1. Doug Moreland-“Beer Song”

  2. Casey Donahew-“Stockyards”

  3. The Great Divide-“Used To Be”

  4. Waylon Jennings-“Ain’t No God In Mexico”

  5. Wade Bowen-“Ghost In This Town”

  6. Cory Morrow-“Lonesome”

  7. Pat Green-“3 Days”

  8. Willie Nelson-“Mendocino County Line”

  9. No Justice-“Horseshoe Lake”

  10. Randy Rogers-“Tonight’s Not The Night”

  11. Matt Powell-“Good Thing”

  12. Robert Earl Keen-“The Road Goes On Forever”


Hour 1

  1. Robert Earl Keen-“Corpus Christi Bay”

  2. Jason Boland & The Stragglers-“Telephone Romeo”

  3. Hayes Carll-“Kmag Yoyo”

  4. Steve Earle-“Copperhead Road”

  5. The Great Divide-“Yesterday Road”

  6. Reckless Kelly-“Good Luck & True Love”

  7. Hunter McKithan & The Offenders-“Dirty Little War”

  8. Johnny Cash-“Folsom Prison Blues”

  9. Daryl Dodd-“Things Are Fixin To Get Real Good”

  10. Cory Morrow-“Nashville Blues”

  11. Josh Abbott-“My Texas”

  12. Cross Canadian Ragweed-“Anywhere But Here”

  13. Waylon Jennings-“Bob Wills Is Still The King”

Hour 2

  1. The Departed-“Kickin’ Back In Amsterdam”

  2. Phil Hamilton-“You Can Have Me”

  3. Brandon Jenkins-“Crazy Moon”

  4. Alllman Brothers-“Soulshine”

  5. Roger Creager-“I Would Change My Life”

  6. Cory Morrow-“Go On Downtown”

  7. Wade Bowen-“Trouble”

  8. Cross Canadian Ragweed-“Bad Habit”

  9. Milkdrive-“Kay’s Tune”

  10. Band Of Heathens-“Don’t Call Me”

  11. Jason Boland & The Stragglers-“Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse”

  12. Stoney LaRue-“Look At Me Fly”

  13. Billy Joe Shaver-“Live Forever”

Hour 3

  1. Bleu Edmondson-“$50 & A Flask Of Crown”

  2. 80 Proof-“Shadows”

  3. Wade Bowen-“Red Headed Woman”

  4. Waylon Jennings-“Rainy Day Woman”

  5. Seth James-“Leaves Of September”

  6. Micky & The Motorcars-“Carolina Morning”

  7. Turnpike Troubadours-“The Funeral”

  8. Hank Jr.-“OD’ed in Denver”

  9. Hank III-“Low Down”

  10. No Justice-“Red Dress”

  11. Willie Nelson-“Shotgun Willie”

  12. Robert Earl Keen-“The Road Goes On Forever”


Hour 1

  1. Wade Bowen-“Resurrection”

  2. Brandon Jenkins-“Anymore”

  3. Bart Crow-“Wear My Ring”

  4. Merle Haggard-“I’ll Always Know”

  5. Kyle Park-“Baby I’m Gone”

  6. No Justice-“Only You/With Or Without You”

  7. Bleu Edmondson-“No Room For Mercy”

  8. Willie & Waylon-“Nowhere Road”

  9. Reckless Kelly-“Crazy Eddies’s Last Harrah”

  10. Eli Young-“Show You How To Love Again”

  11. Randy Rogers-“This Time Around”

  12. Johnny Cash-“God’s Gonna Cut You Down”

  13. Casey Donahew-“White Trash Story”
    Hour 2

  1. Cory Morrow-“Lead Me On”

  2. Cody Johnson-“Another Try”

  3. Austin Collins-“Something Better”

  4. Mike McClure-“Just Not Good Enough”

  5. Sean McConnell-“Lie Baby Lie”

  6. Micky & The Motorcars-“Naïve”

  7. Trevor Burgess-“Test”

  8. Pat Green-“#2”

  9. Roger Creager-“Love”

  10. Stoney LaRue-“Goin To Austin”

  11. Stoney LaRue-“I’ve Got That Old Feeling”

  12. Rich O’Toole-“Romance Rodeo”

  13. Wade Bowen-“Who I Am”

Hour 3

  1. Cross Canadian Ragweed-“Cold Hearted Woman”

  2. Jason Boland & The Stragglers-“Dirty Fighting Love”

  3. Jason Boland & The Stragglers-“Down Here On Earth”

  4. Waylon Jennings-“Black Rose”

  5. Brandon Rhyder-“A Storm Blew In”

  6. Eli Young-“Even If It Breaks Your Heart”

  7. Micky & The Motorcars-“Wasted Time”

  8. Ryan Bingham-“The Weary Kind”

  9. Charlie Robison-“Feelin Good”

  10. The Great Divide-“Alive & Well”

  11. Gary Stewart-“Empty Glass”

  12. Robert Earl Keen-“The Road Goes On Forever”

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Hour 1

  1. Cross Canadian Ragweed-“If I Were President”

  2. Casey Donahew-“Stockyards”

  3. Pat Green-“South Bound 35”

  4. Merke Haggard-“Rainbow Stew”

  5. No Justice-“24 Days”

  6. Micky & The Motorcars-“Stay With Me”

  7. Roger Creager-“Storybook”

  8. Robert Earl Keen-“Corpus Christi Bay”

  9. Eli Young-“Gaurdian Angel”

  10. Brandon Rhyder-“Backroads”

  11. Bleu Edmondson-“Gypsy Wild”

  12. Johnny Cash-“Cocaine Blues”

Hour 2

  1. Joe Ely-“Me & Billy The Kid”

  2. Cory Morrow-“Texas Time Traveling”

  3. Reckless Kelly-“Think It Over One Time”

  4. Johnny Cash-“Won’t Back Down”

  5. Travis Linville-“Nightlife”

  6. Jason Boland-“Purple Rain”

  7. Stoney LaRue-“Shot Full Of Holes”

  8. Seth James-“That Kind Of Man”

  9. Mike McClure-“Into The Mystic”

  10. Phil Hamilton-“You Can Have Me”

  11. Micky & The Motorcars-“Never Been Out West”

  12. Marshal Tucker-“Fire On The Mountain”

Hour 3

  1. The Departed-“Skyline Radio”

  2. Stoney LaRue-“Velvet”

  3. Jason Boland & The Stragglers-“Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse”

  4. Robert Earl Keen-“I Gotta Go”

  5. Wade Bowen-“16 Days”

  6. Randy Rogers-“In My Arms Instead”

  7. Randy Rogers-“One Woman”

  8. Cory Morrow-“Lonesome”

  9. Kyle Park-“Make Or Break Me”

  10. Kevin Fowler-“I Think I’ll Just Stay Here And Drink”

  11. Josh Abbott-“Road Trippin”

  12. Robert Earl Keen-“The Road Goes On Forever”

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KC Limits Interviews 2 Steps Back

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The (Red) Dirt on Justin Neighbor

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KC Limits Interview with Roger Creager

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Phil Hamilton VLOG

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Rich O'Toole on KC Limits

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KC Limits at MusicFest 2011 in Steamboat

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Merry Christmas from KCLimits!

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