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The Back Steps From Hell

OK, if you read my post about back yard projects last week, here is where I ended up. I started Friday night after work. I picked up a Jack Hammer and got started, as you can see...


This was taken after about an hour of busting so not much damage done yet.

Saturday was a rainy mess so I couldn't get much done because I was using an electric jackhammer and they don't mix well with water. As I was busting it up I realized the entire thing is solid. You may not know, but most concrete work done in this day and age are not that thick. They back fill gravel or sand underneath the concrete and add steel inside to strengthen it to save money and to save your back if you ever have to do anything to break it out. I estimate these steps were poured 40 or 50 years ago, before building codes. It may not look very big in the picture but it's about 2 1/2 foot high and it goes about 5 inches under the ground. So nearly 3 feet thick. The 65 pound jackhammer wasn't going to be able to do this job. I didn't want to destroy the tool I rented. Here is where it ended up...


So I moved on from that for now. I am hoping my Fiance's father will bring his bobcat over, and I'll rent a breaker attachment to go on that. I think that will do the trick. For now my back yard is a mess.

Not wanting to waste my 80 bucks I moved onto another project that needed to get done that also requires a jackhammer. I am relocating my sump pump in the basement and installing a new sump basin that goes down 22 inches. Where it is now; it's sitting about 12 inches below the floor and my basement is always damp installing this should lower the water table enough to keep water from being directly underneath the concrete floor in the basement. I hope anyway! At the very least it will reduce the amount of times my sump pump cycles on and off. I'll have pictures up in the next few days.

As for the back steps they're on hold for the next few days until we can coordinate the other machinery needed to bust that up.  Stay tuned!

I did also want to say before you tackle any major projects and start tearing up your house or yard do the research to find out what that job will entail, and how long it will take. Also most home renovation projects go over budget, so take time to plan how much it will cost. The average is about 14% over budget and that's pretty close to where I usually end up after a project is finished. And also talk with folks in your local hardware store about your project they're usually knowledgeable about local building codes because you may have to get permits for the work you're doing. Or you could always stop by your city's permit office and tell them what you're working on and they can tell you whether that would require permits and inspections. (WP)

05/18/2010 9:38AM
The Back Steps From Hell
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