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KC Medicine Cabinet

For those of you who may be wondering what the KC Medicine Cabinet is? It's a local charity that's primary focus in to help people with their medical expenses that they cannot get assistance for elsewhere. With perscription medication, dental work, eye glasses and way too many other things to mention here. They do great work and we're pleased to partner with this organization for the KC Tip Off Concert coming March 9th with Little Big Town and Josh Kelley. It will be a great show and I assure you that you won't find a better price for a show that also helps a great local cause. I hope you will make plans to join the Wolf Staff and the great people at the KC Medicine Cabinet for this great night! (Click Here) to get your tickets now! (WP)
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Toys for tickets!

If you've already got your tickets to the Wolf Acoustic Christmas concert! Thanks for that, a part of the money you paid for your ticket will be going to the Salvation Army for their efforts to help those in need this holiday season. If you haven't bought your ticket yet, I have something else you can do that would be equally helpful and that is to buy new 10 dollar toy and bring it to one of our ticket stops, Click Here to find out where we'll be next. Or if it's more convenient for you you can drop it off at our studios, at 7000 Squibb Rd. in Mission, KS. Or Click Here for directions. We're open 8AM to 5:30PM Monday-Friday. I hope you can help us help some kids who might not get to have a Christmas without your help! Hope you and your family have a happy and safe holiday season! (WP)
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Ready for winter...

If you're like me you're getting ready for winter and as most of my life revolves around fixing up the house and work. I was recently promoted to Program Director of Wolf which added a fair amount of work to my plate. So that has been keeping me busy. However, I did manage to get a couple things done around the house a few weeks ago. With my fiancee Kristi's help I got steps put onto the deck we built earlier this year. I couldn't finish the steps until we got the patio completed, once that got done. I was pretty burnt out, because it was so hot when we did that, and I had enough for a while. Now that the weather is cooler it makes me want to get work done. So these are pictures from that little project. Next on the list is sealing the front driveway and patching some cracks... Hope it stays nice so I can get that knocked out.

It's nice to be able to check things off the list. Hope you're getting your Fall projects all done to be ready for the cold winter weather. Because unfortunately it will be here before we know it... (WP) 
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Looking for something to do this weekend?

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Thanks to everyone that came out to Wayside!

We had a great turn out for the Adopt-a-Thon last weekend. I know there are a lot of happy pets that have found loving homes. We adopted our dog Willie at the spring pet adopt-a-thon, and couldn't be happier with our puppy. I hope that if you're looking for a pet you will visit your local animal shelter and give a stray a second chance. I also hope you're enjoying this cooler weather! (WP)
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Done in the back yard. I think...

It's been a busy summer and a lot of things still left to do, but mostly just enjoy the space we created in the back yard.


So that's the end of the home improvement blog for now. It's finally starting to cool off a little. I'm hoping that means more time relaxing and less time working on projects around the house. I love cooking and grilling and I have a feeling that may be where I lead this blog over the late summer and fall.
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My back still hurts...

So after two full day's sweating profuslly and scrapes and scratches. We have a patio and sidewalk. We let our dog Willie out there and when we tried to call him back in the house we wasn't interested in coming inside.


So we have a little bit more to finish up tonight so we can take back the equipment we rented and finish up the clean up...
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3 Ton of bricks.

So this is the weekend, My fiancee and I are going to put in the paver patio. It's going to be hot as hell but we've commited to doing it. A lot of sweat coming soon, I can't wait to get it done!
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Pavers going in this weekend...

I will say that this heat has really slowed down progress in the back yard. I am optimistic that we'll be able to get everything done we need to this weekend. Everything is pretty much ready to go just a couple more things. We had an estimate on concrete and as much as we would like to just have someone else finish the work, the amount it is going to cost is a bit out of our price range so it's back to the pavers. Considering the fact we've done 90% of the work already it seems the most logical choice to continue on. So we'll be sweating profusely because the forecast is calling for the low 90's I think we can be good to go if we spend most of our time working in the morning and in the evening. Stay tuned, pictures coming soon!!!
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Jewel... Funny or Die!

You gotta check this out!

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Back from vacation and trying to get motivated

I had a week off before the 4th and we took a road trip north and west to Mt. Rushmore and also to Yellowstone. I'd never been to either place my fiancee has but she hadn't been to Mount Rushmore since she was a little kid. It was nice to get out of town and it was nice to get to some cooler weather. We actually camped a night in Yellowstone, and it got down to 40 degrees we were actually cold.

Now that we've been back I feel like I need to be getting back to work on my household projects. Still working on the back patio and side walk and thinking seriously about doing concrete instead of brick pavers. After some calculating I think it might be the cheapest route to go. I wanted to do pavers, but thinking a little further ahead about up keep and maintenance it might be easier to do concrete. I'm also thinking about winter and scraping off the side walks. I haven't made up my mind but I'm leaning that way. I'll be getting busy again soon and will have more to report. It's great to be back from vacation and to be recharged. (WP)
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More progress in the back yard.

Over the last week, my dad and I have made some decent progress on the back yard and patio. We have the patio and side walk framed and prepped for base sand and then pavers to go in. It's been quite a couple of days. A lot of sweat and hard work. Here are some pictures of the progress. As you see the grass is pretty tore up. once everything is in place I will go back and relevel the dirt and get grass replanted. Looking forward to smoking a cigar and having a frosty cold beverage on the back patio. I can't wait!
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New Back Steps...

I'm one step closer to having things done in the back yard. I'm posting the pictures of the progress of getting the back steps done. You'll notice the concrete piers under the corners of the platform. If you're interested in a quick way to put in a deck with minimal excavation you should check these out. Plus if you ever need to change something about your deck you can pick it up and move it without having to do a lot of work. After all the trouble with the last set of back steps having something that could be easily adjusted sounded like just the ticket for me. :0)

Here are the pics.

Next is getting the paver patio in place and that work starts this weekend, hoping for some dry weather for a week or two while I get this in. I'll post pictures during the process. (WP)
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Got the back steps busted out last weekend!

So if you've been reading my blog for the last month or so you know that I've been working on some projects around the house. I've been trying to get the back yard fixed up a little bit. I hit a snag a few weeks back because I couldn't get the back patio busted out with the small jack hammer I rented for the job. Well I had some help over the weekend. My fiancee's dad Charlie brought over his skidloader and I rented the breaker attachment to go on it... It cut through the concrete like butter! Check it out!



Thanks to Charlie and the skid loader we're one step closer to getting the back yard done so we can maybe spend part of this summer not working on stuff...

Next on the list is re building the back steps so we don't have to climb in and out of the house. I've already begun building those and will have more pictures up in the next couple of days... (WP)

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Mustard Wins.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Sky Show Friday at the Royals game! Had a great time and despite the sauna like conditions of the hot dog costume! I really had a lot of fun, and if you cheered on Mustard I say, Thank You! 

 Hope you have a great week. I got a bunch of work done in the back yard over the weekend! pictures coming very soon!
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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I've been busy in the back yard on projects and trying to get things fixed up. You would think on a three day weekend I would be working on the house all weekend long. I probably should be, but I feel like I need a break. So my finacee our puppy Willie and I are heading to the lake and taking a break from the house. I'll get back to work next week.

I hope that if you decide to tackle some projects this weekend, you have success! I also hope you find some time to relax. It seems like that kind of time is harder to find... Happy Memorial Day from all of us at 106-5 The Wolf (WP)
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Got the sump pump done!

I know for a lot of folks that getting things done around the house may not seem like much of a big deal.  I suppose the reason I'm excited about fixing up the house is the fact that I'm getting close to being finished with it, and therefore closer to the ability to have more time enjoying the space, rather than worrying about things wrong with it. My house is over 100 years old, it's just a small two bedroom and it's basically a good starter home. When I was a kid my parents bought a house as an investment property. The house was in really bad shape, and it gave me, my brother, sister, and parents the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of renovation. I don't know it all but with time and research I know I can figure it out. And if I can do it, so can you. Here is a link I found on the web if you want to try and tackle this particular project. It's where I got the basics for what I had to do.

How To Install A Sump Pump

Here is how mine turned out notice I got the cover on it and the concrete poured around the new basin.

It's all done other than routing and burying the pipe outside, which I will do once I get the steps busted out and the patio underway in the back yard. Hopefully in the next few weeks! (WP)
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Progress with household projects...

So Yesterday I posted pictures of the back steps that have yet to be broken up and taken out. I mentioned another project that I began. I moved my sump pump into a new location in my basement and installed a deeper sump pit. Which involved busting out a hole in the floor with a jack hammer and digging out a lot of mud.  This is the sump pit that has been there since we bought the place.

It's about 1 ft. square. and about 9 inches deep. It filled up about every 10 minutes. So my sump pump was cycling on and off about 6 or 7 times an hour. Where the drain pipe was located it was noisy.

Here is the new set up.


With this new set up the pump comes on about once an hour. I still need to repair the concrete around the new basin, I will add a cap to the top to keep me and my fiancee from accidentally falling in. It was about as much work as I expected. The jackhammer was really the easiest part of it. Now I have to put a trench in the back yard and pipe it a little further away from the house to make sure the water I'm removing doesn't run right back.

I'm definetly ready to have these little projects done so I can just chill in my back yard.

This upcoming weekend I'm going to build the steps I will be putting in place of the ones I'm removing. They will be movable so I can build them prior to the other steps being busted up, and then just move them into place once the spot is cleared. Which means less time with my back yard tore up from the floor up.(WP)
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The Back Steps From Hell

OK, if you read my post about back yard projects last week, here is where I ended up. I started Friday night after work. I picked up a Jack Hammer and got started, as you can see...


This was taken after about an hour of busting so not much damage done yet.

Saturday was a rainy mess so I couldn't get much done because I was using an electric jackhammer and they don't mix well with water. As I was busting it up I realized the entire thing is solid. You may not know, but most concrete work done in this day and age are not that thick. They back fill gravel or sand underneath the concrete and add steel inside to strengthen it to save money and to save your back if you ever have to do anything to break it out. I estimate these steps were poured 40 or 50 years ago, before building codes. It may not look very big in the picture but it's about 2 1/2 foot high and it goes about 5 inches under the ground. So nearly 3 feet thick. The 65 pound jackhammer wasn't going to be able to do this job. I didn't want to destroy the tool I rented. Here is where it ended up...


So I moved on from that for now. I am hoping my Fiance's father will bring his bobcat over, and I'll rent a breaker attachment to go on that. I think that will do the trick. For now my back yard is a mess.

Not wanting to waste my 80 bucks I moved onto another project that needed to get done that also requires a jackhammer. I am relocating my sump pump in the basement and installing a new sump basin that goes down 22 inches. Where it is now; it's sitting about 12 inches below the floor and my basement is always damp installing this should lower the water table enough to keep water from being directly underneath the concrete floor in the basement. I hope anyway! At the very least it will reduce the amount of times my sump pump cycles on and off. I'll have pictures up in the next few days.

As for the back steps they're on hold for the next few days until we can coordinate the other machinery needed to bust that up.  Stay tuned!

I did also want to say before you tackle any major projects and start tearing up your house or yard do the research to find out what that job will entail, and how long it will take. Also most home renovation projects go over budget, so take time to plan how much it will cost. The average is about 14% over budget and that's pretty close to where I usually end up after a project is finished. And also talk with folks in your local hardware store about your project they're usually knowledgeable about local building codes because you may have to get permits for the work you're doing. Or you could always stop by your city's permit office and tell them what you're working on and they can tell you whether that would require permits and inspections. (WP)
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New Backyard Projects.

Since the weather has been warming up I've been itching to get to work in the back yard. There are so many things I want to do this summer. I only wonder if my budget will hold up to what I want to do. I watch the DIY networks all the time looking for ideas, and more than anything; ideas on how to save money.

Doing it yourself is the biggest way to save money. Contractors make a good living because either folks don't know how, or don't want to do the work. I can tell you that I truly appreciate the things I've done myself so much more. Not to mention the highend result without the price tag.

I will also say I like to finish my projects, some people start things and never finish, which is easy to do, but I've come to appreciate the feeling of getting something completely done. I always try to finish something before I begin a new project. I also use the Internet as a huge resource for figuring out the right way to do my projects. That is the beauty of the information that is at our finger tips. There are no secrets when it comes to how to do projects yourself. It just takes time, patience, research and a few scraped knuckles.

I'll be posting updates on my backyard projects over the next few months and offering steps, and tips on how I did it and if I find places to save money I'll share those also... Starting this weekend I will be removing the old ugly concrete steps from the back of my house and replacing them with wooden steps with hand rails that will look better and be much safer. I'll post pictures next week... (WP)
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Willie (the Dog) Update...

Willie Update, He's been very good, He's had his first vet visit 3 weeks ago, with a good report. He had another trip to the vet last week because he was having some acute growing pains, got some inflammatory meds and vitamins and he's back to his playful self. Heading back to the vet tomorrow to get another parvo booster and to get his Rabies shot. He's doing great and loves his new home! Thank You Wayside for the best puppy ever! (WP)
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Puppy Training,

Wanted to post an update on Willie, He's our puppy we got from Wayside Waif's

I think he's already grown a couple inches, I just got an update a few minutes ago from my fiancee that he laid down for a treat. We got him to sit in a day and laydown has been a little more challenging. We've had close calls but never haven't been able to get him to do it without a little help. Neither me or my fiancee have ever trained a dog, and we're glad to see that the work we're doing is paying off. The only advice I can give so far is to do plenty of walks. It will help you sleep at night! (WP)
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Spring Lawn Care Tips.

As I get ready to spend some time in the yard getting it ready to be healthy and look nice. I thought I would share some of the things that I found on-line to help with your lawn this spring. Now is the time to get on it, so it's looking good when the warm weather really kicks in and you're wanting to spend time outdoors and look at something other than a brown ugly lawn.

Check out this link (CLICK HERE)

Here is a list of the categories covered in the article.

Spring Lawn Care Tip #1: Raking
Spring Lawn Care Tip #2: Check for Compaction
Spring Lawn Care Tip #3: Liming
Spring Lawn Care Tip #4: Overseeding
Spring Lawn Care Tip #5: Fertilizing
Spring Grass Care Tip #6: Applying Preemergent Herbicides
Spring Grass Care Tip #7: Applying Postemergent Herbicides -- Or Pulling Weeds
Spring Grass Care Tip #8: Tuning Up Existing Lawn Mowers
Spring Grass Care Tip #9: Buying a New Lawn Mower
Spring Grass Care Tip #10: Reviewing Lawn Mowing Strategies

 There is a lot of good advice here, Good Luck (WP)
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Thanks to those who participated in the Wolf Advisory Panel.

In about another week we will have another chance to have your voice heard when it comes to the new music you heard on the wolf. We offer you 15000 wolfpack points so make sure you keep checking back to participate. Thanks again! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy the snow! Hopefully it'll be the last we see of the cold white stuff this winter! (WP)
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Thanks To All Who Came To The Wolf Acoustic Christmas!

I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to those who came out for the show last night! And also for the artists who gave their time to help out some kids in the KC area have something to open on Christmas morning. With unemployment up this year, it's going to take an even higher toll on the charities in KC because more families will need the services they offer. So thanks to all who donated toys to the Salvation Army! Their slogan "Doing The Most Good" really did apply to last night's show! Also thanks to the Midland Theater, they allowed us to hold the show there free of charge to help the Salvation Army! We couldn't have done it without them!  

Jimmy Wayne, Love & Theft, Chris Young, and Jason Michael Carroll out did themselves. I'm sorry for those who weren't able to see it, the show was truly memorable.

Thanks Again! (WP)
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Bid On Some Pretty Cool Autographed Items!!!

There is a museum in Nashville, The Country Radio DJ Hall of Fame which is operated by the CRB (Country Radio Broadcasters Association) which most people have probably never heard of. However, there are some folks in the Country DJ Hall Of Fame that you probably have heard of. Bob Kingsley, Lon Helton, and many other legendary DJ's. They are doing an online auction this year to benefit the Hall of fame and they are giving you the opportunity to bid on some very cool items that are hard to get ahold of. Here is the list. Auction includes:

Autographed guitars by: Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Charlie Daniels, Tim McGraw, Randy Owen, Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris, and Kevin Costner

Additional items autographed by: Taylor Swift, George Strait, Carrie Underwood, Alan Jackson, Charley Pride, Brad Paisley, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus just to name a few!

What a great Christmas gift for a Country Music Fan!!!

Auction Dates: now – December 16

(all auction item times end differently, however the last item will end by 7pm EST)

Click the banner for more info!

Auction Link
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