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Progress with household projects...

So Yesterday I posted pictures of the back steps that have yet to be broken up and taken out. I mentioned another project that I began. I moved my sump pump into a new location in my basement and installed a deeper sump pit. Which involved busting out a hole in the floor with a jack hammer and digging out a lot of mud.  This is the sump pit that has been there since we bought the place.

It's about 1 ft. square. and about 9 inches deep. It filled up about every 10 minutes. So my sump pump was cycling on and off about 6 or 7 times an hour. Where the drain pipe was located it was noisy.

Here is the new set up.


With this new set up the pump comes on about once an hour. I still need to repair the concrete around the new basin, I will add a cap to the top to keep me and my fiancee from accidentally falling in. It was about as much work as I expected. The jackhammer was really the easiest part of it. Now I have to put a trench in the back yard and pipe it a little further away from the house to make sure the water I'm removing doesn't run right back.

I'm definetly ready to have these little projects done so I can just chill in my back yard.

This upcoming weekend I'm going to build the steps I will be putting in place of the ones I'm removing. They will be movable so I can build them prior to the other steps being busted up, and then just move them into place once the spot is cleared. Which means less time with my back yard tore up from the floor up.(WP)

05/19/2010 1:13PM
Progress with household projects...
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