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Got the back steps busted out last weekend!

So if you've been reading my blog for the last month or so you know that I've been working on some projects around the house. I've been trying to get the back yard fixed up a little bit. I hit a snag a few weeks back because I couldn't get the back patio busted out with the small jack hammer I rented for the job. Well I had some help over the weekend. My fiancee's dad Charlie brought over his skidloader and I rented the breaker attachment to go on it... It cut through the concrete like butter! Check it out!



Thanks to Charlie and the skid loader we're one step closer to getting the back yard done so we can maybe spend part of this summer not working on stuff...

Next on the list is re building the back steps so we don't have to climb in and out of the house. I've already begun building those and will have more pictures up in the next couple of days... (WP)

06/08/2010 9:38AM
Got the back steps busted out last weekend!
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03/03/2011 4:12AM
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