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Ultimate Makeover #2

Ultimate Makeover
                How do you get to be a part of an Ultimate Makeover? Make yourself look like a mountain man…it has been 17,193,600 seconds or 286,560 minutes or 4776 hours or 28 weeks or 199 days since I last cut my hair or mustache...(trimmed my beard twice) tomorrow it all comes off or most of it will. I am not gonna lie, I have become partial to the longer hair, but I don’t think the lilies of the valley like it. Ladies? So, tomorrow I am off to Salon Oasis and Day Spa to lose six months of growth…
The weight is continuing to fall off. Right now I am down 20 lbs from the beginning of this. Thanks to Bobby at Total Body Fitness for the diet plan and the fellas at Complete Nutrition. If you read the first blog you would know that I have had a minor speed bump in this makeover because I have had surgery on my left hand and I still have a pin in my thumb. So basically, following the supplement schedule and meal plan have been the biggest factor so far. 20 lbs and over 10 ½ inches off my by body…this is the best I have felt and the best the “beast” of a belly has looked in over 5 years.
On Wednesday May 23rd I will have the cast and pin removed from my hand and then it is back to the butt kicking Title Boxing Club for the Power Hour! You can burn up to 1000 calories an hour. I have had a few friends join since I have started talking about it, and they love it. I know when I get back to boxing and the power hour I know it will take a bit to get up to speed but the staff there is awesome and will help you in the right way. 

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05/15/2012 3:48PM
Ultimate Makeover #2
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05/17/2012 7:35AM
Come try my class!
Hey, I think its awesome your doing this, the fittness part alone is a major lifestyle change! Go you!!! That being said, my name is Jessica and Im a trainer at Title Boxing Lees Summit and would love a chance to kick your booty! I teach in Lees Summit Monday and Wednesdays at 10 am, come give my class a shot, Its a kickboxing class and we work heavy legs on Mondays and Heavy arms on wednesdays, less the 30th of may and the 4th of june Im there every week, hope to see you!! Good luck!
05/17/2012 12:17PM
Thank you Justin!
Looking forward to the pictures and videos of your transformation Justin. We all had a great time with your makeover yesterday and look you great!
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