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Gold Cup Soccer

Gold Cup Soccer tonight at Livestrong Sporting Park!  Come out to see Canada take on Panama at 6pm, then it's USA vs Guadeloupe at 8pm!

The folks from Your Kansas City Chevy Dealers will be there to answer any questions you might have about the line-up of 2011 Chevys.  Chevy is a proud sponsor of Gold Cup Soccer!

Chevrolet & Youth Soccer

The Chevrolet Youth Soccer Program is a grassroots, community outreach program geared toward supporting local youth soccer leagues through donations of equipment, $500, and two (2) free soccer clinics. In 2010 nearly 700 children participated in Chevrolet Youth Soccer clinics in select South Central Regional markets: Baton Rouge, Dallas, Harlingen, Houston, New Orleans, and San Antonio. Chevrolet is anticipating increased growth and success with the program as it enters its second year in Fall 2011.

Chevrolet Youth Soccer & Dario Sala

Dario Sala, a retired professional goalkeeper with 17 years experience in South American, European and North American premiere leagues and international tournaments, led the 12 Chevrolet Youth Soccer Clinics across the South Central Region in 2010. He has played in roughly 500 official games, including 30 international matches. Since 2005 he was the goalkeeper for the Major League Soccer Team FC Dallas, recently retiring at the end of the 2010 season after being the most tenured person on the roster. Last year Sala was the recipient of the 'Hometown Hero Award' as part of the Dallas Sports Fans Choice Awards.  This award is given to the professional athlete in Dallas who is most exemplary both on and off the field, as voted by local fans and media.

See you tonight at Livestrong!
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Bullhorn Karaoke! Try it.

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Been a while....

I'm really sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I have no excuse! But I need your help and I hope you won't ignore me the way I've been ignoring this blog recently.

I have a dog. Actually, it's my girlfriend's dog but it might as well be mine (he likes me more). Anyway, being a responsible dog-person, when I walk him around Westport, I carry those little blue bags to pick up his.....you know. Tyson is a 15 year old Shih Tzu and not a large dog. So his....you knows.....aren't very big either. It would be easy for me to just pretend I didn't notice what he was doing and leave them where they lie, but I don't because I live in that neighborhood and I don't want to smell dog doo everytime I go outside! Recently, a lady has been walking what I call a small horse of a dog around the same neighborhood and NOT cleaning up after it. I don't know how to address this with her. What her "dog" leaves behind not only smells, but it's a tripping hazard! And it's EVERYWHERE! Any ideas?
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